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do i really need a wedding coordinator?


Many people feel they don't need a wedding planner, but let me be the first to tell you that you DO! And, I'm not only saying that because I am one-funny, but true. You may believe you are overly organized, crafty, and can take on the world, but things are a lot different when you are the one wearing the white dress.


You want your wedding to be the best day of your life. You grow up imagining what your wedding will entail and often think of ways to outshine the weddings you have attended (oh yeah, I said it!) The problem is, you are not only the planner/decorator and go-to source for all your vendors, but you are also the bride, so there comes to be a lot of demand on your time, needs, wants, and let's face it, your energy.

As a professional, I handle any hiccups along the way (and let me be honest, there will be a hiccup or two) in a way that you and your guests will be none the wiser! I'll spend your wedding day bouncing between you, the photographers, the DJ and the catering staff. I'll make sure the music is cued, cameras are in position, and you actually have a moment to spend alone with your

husband... and that's all before you even cut the cake!


Working along some of the best vendors in the business, we are a great resource to

aid you in finding the perfect fit for you based on both your budget and the look and feel

you are aiming to achieve for your day.

As we primarily provide florals for weddings and events, our coordination availability is

 limited based on any previously booked events on the calendar.

Feel free to reach out with your date and any questions concerning your wedding and

our availability. 


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